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"...a fabulous evening of sophisticated jazz, Denyse is all (as advertised) and more ---a beautiful and elegant lady with a wonderful jazz voice" ---Bruce V. Cold Fusion Jazz Quintet

"...great performance... we felt like we were at the White House. Denyse and the accompaniment are ready for New York City, an evening of elegance" ---Derrick M.

"...a nice evening of elegance... Ms. Pearson's performance was awesome and the ensemble backing her was fantastic... the whole thing from start to finish was a real class act" ---Velma W.

"...the concert and Denyse rate A Plus. It was great! Denyse's soft but strong voice was magnificent. Would I come again? You betcha!" ---Monika M.

"...Denyse has beautiful voice and the trio was great. They did a great job at the Lyceum. They deserve to be in an intimate setting in the Blues Alley mold." ---Michael S.

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